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I am back

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Hello Everyone! Yes I am back , nope I wasn’t lost but yes I was observing the changes around me.  Hey now we have McDonald’s next to my house. There has been a lot of Buzz around Google Wave , Android , iPad , my friends calling me and telling me that they are getting married 😉 Some of them CEO’s and CTO’s of startups. Mama mia !!!! This time I promise to bring in more news and updates that some of you might find it useful.

And rewinding ten years , back to 2000 !!!


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March 17, 2010 at 6:43 pm

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Dada we would miss you – It hurts

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      Sourav Ganguly Alias DADA Alias Prince Of Calcutta , I too got emotional along with thousands of your fans in India when you bid farewell to the International Arena .  13 years in the limelight is not  easy especially when you represent the country for a game that is a Religion in India . I am wriiting this blog as I felt I owe this to a man who had the fighting spirit , Never Say Die Attitude . Who believed in himself and who did place the team above all.  The most inspring things that I would cherish in your life time as a crickter was your Sensational FairyTale Comeback . You really are a warrior who fought the battle till the last breath . Anyone who is down and hurt can take you as an example to WIN in life . Two in fact , one when you were dropped in Australia after your One Day Debut and then you came back when a awesome 3 tons in the Test cricket.  

   I still haven’t forgotton your Ambition bike ad along with Bajji , Sehwag , Yuvraj , your call “Boys” in the ad and also many times in the field showed the authority a person should have on his team , one should earn that respect and you did ! Or your ad supporting Dravid – Greg’s world cup team when you wern’t even considered for it .  

  Dont you feel bad that you ended your career with a golden duck ! You will forever remain a hero and an inspiration for us DADA .

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November 11, 2008 at 5:22 pm

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SOA Day 1

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Last time I had missed to record all the events that happened in the AGILE workshop . This time I dont want to do the same . I am in Biella attending the SOA workshop ! Priya wanted me to do POD casting , so I am not going to disappoint her . I have planned to do pod casting and also upload some videos of the sessions that I am going attend here .

We are group of 8 people taking part in this workshop . Today was just an introductory session on SOA , ESB and our session expert was clarifying us why we are moving towards BPMS and made it clear that bringing in SOA to our environment was nothing to do with the HYPE created by the vendors around .

After lunch we had a demo of the Oracle Fusion tool and had a question and answer session for an hour following that . Some did have reservations about SOA but Murali convinced them saying Everything comes at a price .

Since I had worked with Murali on a prototype project to evalute Oracle’s BPEL and ESB manager . I was keen and eager to just take it from him 🙂 .

Tonight I am planning to wind up the paper that I am writing on ENCODING PROBLEMS AFTER DIABLO’s MIGRATION .

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July 11, 2008 at 6:08 pm

Our Obligation to ourselves is to improve

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Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again and this interdependence produces the highest form of living . You might be wondering that this is not what the picture conveys . Well , this is all about how we look at it . 🙂

For those who kept asking me why I have not been blogging off-late , a lot of things have been keeping me busy . I have been throughly enjoying this . Getting up early for the driving class , immediately running to the examination hall to take up my exam (now don’t ask how many of them I am taking up this time :-)) . Immediately rushing back to office and working on the Next-Generation Enterprise Applications . Giving valid excuses to those whom I am not able to meet (you know whom I am referring to) and she doesn’t ponder about it . Because those who know me , know that I always intend to do things that are different , challenging and things that can bring a change . I am working on something that I have been waiting for quite sometime now and I am experiencing a sense of euphoria !

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June 9, 2008 at 2:47 am

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Never Pure and Rarely Simple

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The quickest and easiest way to banish someone’s limiting belief once and for all is to prove them wrong ! And yes , most of the times the effort is Never Pure and Rarely Simple ! You might be wondering what am I trying to talk about here .  In the quest for success most of the times we face some hard questions from our inner conscious . What happens in the end is that either we leave those questions unanswered or we just pacify ourselves giving some lame excuse . I believe our workspace is the place where the entire melodrama  happens ! Picturize  this , how many times we know that we need to be in a meeting on TIME or be at office on time for some important release . We do end up going there late ! What reasons do we cite ?

Being punctual is of course never easy and most of us never bother trying things that doesn’t come that easily to us ! When we are questioned we do have lots of excuses and explanations to give but are they PURE ?  Well , dig into your thoughts and think about those instances where you have tried to run away just because you didn’t have answers with you .

And what have we lost in the process ? Trust ! Remember that the only way we can build up other people’s trust in us is by consistently meeting our commitments  and that starts with being punctual. The person who is always on time is someone others can trust to be as good as their word .

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May 25, 2008 at 4:00 pm

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Performance Analysis

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  I  would like to quote a dialogue from Spiderman , Peter Parker’s Uncle at a geniture tells him ” With power comes great responsibility” . Yes , when you are given the power and authority to develop and release  an application , it becomes your responsibility to make sure that you deliver it with care and perfection . Performance deciphers the application’s speed and responsiveness. It is the sum effect of objective performance facets such as algorithm choice, overall memory usage, object allocation and de-allocation dynamics, and multithreading design and runtime behavior. 

  The idea is to profile the application in the development phase itself that would save us the embarrassment of memory leaks , slow pages later when the application goes live ! Talking about Profiling , I was mesmerized by two of them Atlassian Profiler and JRockit Mission Control . Though the former has no no GUI but it provides adequate information of how long each method takes to execute . 

Ref : Atlassian Profiling

[250ms] - /atlassian/jira/secure/views/dashboard.jsp <-- jsp profiling
� [0ms] - JiraWebActionSupport.getRemoteUser()
� [50ms] - Dashboard.getLeftCol()
� � [20ms] - PortletManager.getPortalPageConfiguration() <-- factory object
� � [0ms] - PortalPageConfiguration.isDefault()
� � [0ms] - PortalPageConfiguration.getLeftPortletConfigs()
� [0ms] - List.iterator()
� � [0ms] - List.iterator() <-- even profiling Lists!
� [0ms] - Iterator.hasNext()
� � [0ms] - Iterator.hasNext()
� [0ms] -
� � [0ms] -

 Jrockit Mission Control is something bigger , one has to see the GUI to actually experience it . One can do Method profiling , JRA Recording , Memory profiling

JRockit Mission Control

Netbeans Profiler is also very good but I personally do not prefer to use an IDE for profiling for the simple reason the IDE becomes too heavy and the when we do Remote Profiling this  affects the IDE’s performance in the end . 🙂



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May 22, 2008 at 6:11 am

New buzz word

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Business will always keep IT on its toes , with the dynamic business climate,  monolithic infrastructure can result in lost customers, lost revenue, late entry into emerging markets .  One will always find new technologies cropping up but SOA is here to stay . SOA is the silver lining for monolithic enterprise systems . Those systems that are already huge and rigid . They will only tend to grow and in the end burst out like a bomb packed stuffed gun powder to the maximum . SOA Integration is about getting more flexible. It clears the path for your business by transforming brittle IT systems, applications, and data sources into highly flexible, reusable services that can be shared across the enterprise.

And what more ? One could visualize the business process and the business workflow with Business Process Modeling in place . BPEL Process Manager features a graphical and user-friendly Process
Designer  . Adapters enable connectivity to virtually any data source , JMS , MQ , File/FTP  in the enterprise application and B2B enables connectivity with trading partners .

Business Integration with SOA would be a Revolution in Business Agility.

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May 19, 2008 at 5:14 pm