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Literary Chronicler of South India

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  Shwetha talking about Swami , you reminded me of the Literary chronicler of South India R.K. Narayan . Two weeks back for Rishi’s (Yoga Guruji’s son) birthday , I had gifted him with a book and it was Swami and Friends . The choice wasn’t pre meditated  . It was saturday morning , early hours in Oddessy and it wasn’t crowded . I had time to chose the right book and it took me not more than five minutes to come out of the shop with Swami and Friends after I got hold of  it , no second thoughts   .

  I always used to like Indian authors , Indian poets because they bring out the true colors , traits and they all have a unique identity of their own and  R.K. Narayan (Naame Chennai Super King) I loved all his works . The sweet vendor , An Astrologer’s day , A tiger for Malgudi are some of my all time favorites . Now I have started hunting for sites where I can download the e books . 





Written by Arvind A

May 16, 2008 at 5:27 pm