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Today my day started in Asiana , marking the end of our three week training with Stefano. I was taken back when teams shared sharing their views about the training and the Trainer. They were all humble and spoke very openly , going on to say  We did not know GRASP(General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns), but we are happy we know that now. They are ready to change and I guess this marks the start of a new Revolution. The reason being ,this was a workshop where Stefano sat with their project and at every point like a Mentor politely kept asking them WHAT IF . This turned everything around, to what was very Autocratic  things started to become more Democratic 🙂 What I am trying to say here is that everyone started working together , teams started becoming more self organizing and responsible. Of course like every other place we do find some lousy people trying to fit in but lets leave it at that :).

I had to come back to office but went to Navalur(my college is there) and I was telling Raja how things have changed in these three years. Now there are two sky scrapers near Navalur Bus stand !!!!! When I first joined college back in 2002 , there were just two buildings that were quite famous INFY and TCS. Now the two have got lost among the many others sprouting up everyday.

Once back Raja was at his best, Velrajan and Raja both of them are now working with Liferay’s Deployment in Weblogic Cluster. They are through with eh-clustered-cache tests and also tested our custom portlets. You see in the picture here, these guys had many rounds of discussion and yes they are at the right place , just next to the white board , isn’t it more meaningful to be next to a place thats BLANK and let your ideas flow ?

Between I had some quick releases to make and on Monday I would like to do some load / stress tests on the Artifact that I released. Had a very fruitful discussion across different teams today, we all have one common problem. Very Rich User Interface without making things complicated. Will share about it sometime tomorrow. Now its time for me to go back and start with my Book !


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March 19, 2010 at 4:21 pm

Most Likely to Change the World

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Just got my hands on MS Application Architecture Patterns and Practices thanks to my Guru! Seeing the Contents itself one gets a feeling Woah ! With this I am most likely to change the world. Naa … Be the change you want to be….

Had a great 2 week workshop with Stefano from KTech. I am searching for Adjectives to describe Stefano but I am sure I would fall short of words. From Object Oriented Principles to Design Patters , from taking a dig at our framework and Project Structure to taking a dig at JAVA itself ! No guesses why he would take a dig at what the entire crowd seems to be so proud about, yes he loves Python and he was instrumental in bringing Python, Django in Banca Sella. I am not over exaggerating but my colleague who used to swear by Oracle has installed Python in his laptop. You should have seen his expression when he executed his first command, never seen him like this for years even when he fine tuned a PL/SQL query that was running for 5 hours to just 15 minutes!!!!

I did get a lot to learn from this MAN, at times feel like just following what he says without questioning him because not only does he bring with him years of experience but when he says something its not without facts. I am truly lucky to have met him , spoken to him.

Thanks a tonne Sir

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March 18, 2010 at 4:57 pm

SOA Day 1

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Last time I had missed to record all the events that happened in the AGILE workshop . This time I dont want to do the same . I am in Biella attending the SOA workshop ! Priya wanted me to do POD casting , so I am not going to disappoint her . I have planned to do pod casting and also upload some videos of the sessions that I am going attend here .

We are group of 8 people taking part in this workshop . Today was just an introductory session on SOA , ESB and our session expert was clarifying us why we are moving towards BPMS and made it clear that bringing in SOA to our environment was nothing to do with the HYPE created by the vendors around .

After lunch we had a demo of the Oracle Fusion tool and had a question and answer session for an hour following that . Some did have reservations about SOA but Murali convinced them saying Everything comes at a price .

Since I had worked with Murali on a prototype project to evalute Oracle’s BPEL and ESB manager . I was keen and eager to just take it from him 🙂 .

Tonight I am planning to wind up the paper that I am writing on ENCODING PROBLEMS AFTER DIABLO’s MIGRATION .

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July 11, 2008 at 6:08 pm

Celebrating Work ! in the Agile way

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It has almost been three months since I came back from Italy . This was my second trip and it was learning unleashed on both the occasions . This time I brought back something that didn’t belong to me alone but to my entire competence center team . Though I was subjected to mockery , criticism and a big question mark and exclamatory mark loomed on everyone’s face whether it would actually work out here . Just going back to where I started , this time I got to work with an amazing team in Italy , it was the Source Sense.

A group of enthusiastic , charismatic and energetic team lead by Prof Mathiao had come to take up a very challenging task ! Migrating us to agile way of working . I used the word Migrating because its a change that the entire development community needs and never to look back again once the mission is accomplished . 🙂 In India many people in IT industry keep changing because they prefer a company that has some process in place . But has anyone questioned themselves if they have any process of their own ? I mean do they bring in some quality in the project development life cycle . India is booming with so many service providing IT companies , I am sure they have the process in place but what about quality ?

All these thoughts were running in my mind when I came back to India . I got a chance to bring in the change that I was thinking of . Rajasekaran and I , its been three years now working together . Incidentally we got a change to work together in all the projects from our good old training days . Since we had developed a good rapport we got started right away !

Pair Programming :

Everyone weren’t convinced but we realized that it was more worth while working in pairs . Now we had four eyes instead of two to bring out better and quality code . Share the knowledge and the ideas and interestingly we came out with releases in a quicker , faster and efficient way .

Stand Up Meetings :

We don’t have stand up meetings as we are a team of two . But the first thing in the morning we do start our day with paper planning , our TODO’s which are pinned up and we start working on the priorities . Now that he is in Italy , he doesn’t forget to update me with what has happened after I leave home (we are in different time zones and since he is closer to the client , updates keep pouring in) in GMAIL . In the end of the day , we lose nothing !

Automated Testing :

This is one area we are working on still . Though we do write test cases and since we are currently working on Express projects and Infrastructural projects . We are forced to skip some test cases . We are determined to have automated testing in place for our next sting “Oracle SOA” .

Refactoring :

These days we hardly bother about versions getting increased in CVS as we decided to go ahead with re factoring till we both are satisfied that our code is readable and maintainable .

Its been a quite success , not a big one though but definitely one to celebrate !

Evolution ! Evolution of a different kind !


Written by Arvind A

May 15, 2008 at 4:50 pm