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Animated Movies : Animated Jithesh

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   Off late watching movies with Jithesh has become a revelation  . It would be very easy to guess what kind of movies I would be talking about . Well no awards for guessing it right , Jithesh who is my brother’s son like any other kid is quite fascinated by animated movies but I did notice a few things in his likes and dislikes . What took me by surprise was that at three he knows what wants to watch , to name a few Finding Nemo , Cars , Brother Bear , ICE AGE 2 , Sprit , Lion King , Garfield ! 

   Initially when I was made to sit with him to watch Sprit and the whole idea was to make sure he stays put at home . Yes , for me it was not a moment that I was waiting for . I had to meet Neha and we had planned to meet up after a long time , a week I guess 😛 . I  had no choice but to stay with him , for a moment I thought I had just two choices with me “DEVIL OR THE DEEP BLUE SEA” . In the end it turned out to be totally different experience by itself . Then started our saga of watching back to back animated movies together . A HI – FI in the end followed after every movie we ended up watching together .  

 Its just been three months since he came back from States . We got along really very well right from Day 1 . There were some who even started saying we both resemble each other in many aspects . My EGO doesn’t obviously agree to that  . 

  Among these movies that I mentioned . I was able to relate myself in someway or the other ! That was the beauty in which the movies have been picturized . Next on my list is to watch Sultan the Warrior King , so far the movies that I watched with Jithesh have never disappointed me and I hope this one too doesn’t !




Written by Arvind A

May 14, 2008 at 6:26 pm

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