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Devoxx Day 1 – 14th Nov 2011

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  It was a fantastic day at Devoxx on Day 1. First up, I attended  Cross-platform RIAs and Mobile Applications connected to a Java back-end by Michael Chaize. Well it was a Partner Slot for Adobe and since Andriod and EE6 were running in parallel, this hall (which is a BIG movie Threater) was sparsely crowded. Michael with his French assent started with how Adobe wants to make life easy for Enterprise Folks in writing an App once and porting it in different Mobile Platforms and also  the same into Desktop. He spoke about the Products that are being lined up for release like Adobe Edge (designing using CSS3 and HTML5), CSS shaders and when asked about how they are contributing to w3c and HTML5 the answer was that they have just acquired PhoneGap and TypeKit ! The last one hour was all about Flex Builder 6 and Flex 5.The key features that could be noted are Action Script Native Extn, AIR captive runtime, Multi threading(gaming), native JSON Support ad Cryptographic functions and most eye catching one was the Automatic Scaling (layouts) for different DI’s for all mobiles. Michael wrote a Twitter client on the fly and also showed some of his ipad apps like CloudCore.

The lunch wasn’t filling at all, though I must say that here in devoxx they have something for Vegetarians :). Post lunch I attended Android Awesomeness by Chet HaaseRomain Guy and Philip Milne. This is FULL house and because I was late, I had to sit on the stairs for the next 3 hours. It was fantastic ! The session started with the demo of the new OS followed by the dev tool kit, the new Grid API.

Then I attended I attended two sessions catagorized in Tools in Action, a 45 minute session on Vaadin to create HTML5-enabled web apps in pure Scalaby Henri Muurimaa and  Forge new Ground in Rapid Enterprise Java Development   by  Lincoln Baxter and Dan Allen. Must say I really want to try my hands on Forge right away. It seems like Spring Roo in many ways.

Dinner was in an Indian Hotel !!! 🙂 Well, thats its for Day1.


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November 15, 2011 at 7:29 am

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Devoxx 2011

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Arrived Antwerp, Belgium yesterday to attend the 5 day Dev0xx University and Conference.  The wait has ended 🙂 , this year its all about Android and HTML5!!! I just hope that the internet connectivity is good , that would help me to post some entries live from the Arena !!!

Talking about Antwerp, its a very beautiful place :). Diamond shops everywhere 🙂 lots of Albatross flying around and the best part is everyone speaks english out here!!! Quite a few number of grocery shops here are run by Sardars, speaking to them I got to know that they have been here for the past 25 years!

The hotel where I am put up is just Amazing. Fantastic service and the railway station, Tram way is all close by.

I am sure its going to be a great week ahead. Excitement is Adrenalizing !!!

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November 14, 2011 at 5:32 am

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