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Devoxx 2011

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Arrived Antwerp, Belgium yesterday to attend the 5 day Dev0xx University and Conference.  The wait has ended 🙂 , this year its all about Android and HTML5!!! I just hope that the internet connectivity is good , that would help me to post some entries live from the Arena !!!

Talking about Antwerp, its a very beautiful place :). Diamond shops everywhere 🙂 lots of Albatross flying around and the best part is everyone speaks english out here!!! Quite a few number of grocery shops here are run by Sardars, speaking to them I got to know that they have been here for the past 25 years!

The hotel where I am put up is just Amazing. Fantastic service and the railway station, Tram way is all close by.

I am sure its going to be a great week ahead. Excitement is Adrenalizing !!!


Written by Arvind A

November 14, 2011 at 5:32 am

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