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Lets face it, all of us try to be honest, off course as long we can afford honesty. As I type, I am already regretting the way I am beginning this article. You would have already got a feeling that what ever you are going to read further is not going me an honest opinion! I know that creating a bad opinion on the article right at the beginning itself is like screwing up your project design, later the more you try to fix it the worse it turns out to be!  We procrastinate, as we wait for a perfect moment. Let me not procrastinate to share the thoughts thats running in my mind right now.

I didn’t get carried away when my loved ones (yeh my big gang of lovable friends) kept saying your motto of being perfect has turned into an obsession because it never did , I could never till date point out at some little creation of mine  that seemed perfect and most importantly  I was always talking about healthy perfectionism. We are not alone when we do things, be it home or work place. At home we have our never changing team OUR FAMILY and off course we would never ever want that to change and a different kind of family at work place. At work place when we  think about perfectionism its not just about getting things done correctly and how we do it ! Simple things like making  no fuss over solving problems, everyone trying to become and Active  listener and most importantly in a team   make others feel valued, respected and appreciated even when their contribution is a zero hoping that they would realize soon and they bring out the best in them.

Krithika keeps telling me that I am too good in giving Free Gyan and Yyaan(knowledge in Hindi), I am not to sure of the latter but still would stop it here.

Between I am planning to start a new Technical blog so that I can keep these two separate. For the past couple of weeks, I have been working on a lot of stuffs which I found very interesting like writing widgets for Vaadin, trying out Comet a  model that enables Web servers to send data to the client without having to request for it, was trying out GWT based Facebook App which was really cool!

Coming week I will post all the photos that you have been asking for !


Written by Arvind A

May 9, 2010 at 6:50 pm

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