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Today my day started in Asiana , marking the end of our three week training with Stefano. I was taken back when teams shared sharing their views about the training and the Trainer. They were all humble and spoke very openly , going on to say  We did not know GRASP(General Responsibility Assignment Software Patterns), but we are happy we know that now. They are ready to change and I guess this marks the start of a new Revolution. The reason being ,this was a workshop where Stefano sat with their project and at every point like a Mentor politely kept asking them WHAT IF . This turned everything around, to what was very Autocratic  things started to become more Democratic 🙂 What I am trying to say here is that everyone started working together , teams started becoming more self organizing and responsible. Of course like every other place we do find some lousy people trying to fit in but lets leave it at that :).

I had to come back to office but went to Navalur(my college is there) and I was telling Raja how things have changed in these three years. Now there are two sky scrapers near Navalur Bus stand !!!!! When I first joined college back in 2002 , there were just two buildings that were quite famous INFY and TCS. Now the two have got lost among the many others sprouting up everyday.

Once back Raja was at his best, Velrajan and Raja both of them are now working with Liferay’s Deployment in Weblogic Cluster. They are through with eh-clustered-cache tests and also tested our custom portlets. You see in the picture here, these guys had many rounds of discussion and yes they are at the right place , just next to the white board , isn’t it more meaningful to be next to a place thats BLANK and let your ideas flow ?

Between I had some quick releases to make and on Monday I would like to do some load / stress tests on the Artifact that I released. Had a very fruitful discussion across different teams today, we all have one common problem. Very Rich User Interface without making things complicated. Will share about it sometime tomorrow. Now its time for me to go back and start with my Book !


Written by Arvind A

March 19, 2010 at 4:21 pm

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  1. Good to know about the updates happening in Sella.

    Subhash Chandran

    April 7, 2010 at 11:30 am

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