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Most Likely to Change the World

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Just got my hands on MS Application Architecture Patterns and Practices thanks to my Guru! Seeing the Contents itself one gets a feeling Woah ! With this I am most likely to change the world. Naa … Be the change you want to be….

Had a great 2 week workshop with Stefano from KTech. I am searching for Adjectives to describe Stefano but I am sure I would fall short of words. From Object Oriented Principles to Design Patters , from taking a dig at our framework and Project Structure to taking a dig at JAVA itself ! No guesses why he would take a dig at what the entire crowd seems to be so proud about, yes he loves Python and he was instrumental in bringing Python, Django in Banca Sella. I am not over exaggerating but my colleague who used to swear by Oracle has installed Python in his laptop. You should have seen his expression when he executed his first command, never seen him like this for years even when he fine tuned a PL/SQL query that was running for 5 hours to just 15 minutes!!!!

I did get a lot to learn from this MAN, at times feel like just following what he says without questioning him because not only does he bring with him years of experience but when he says something its not without facts. I am truly lucky to have met him , spoken to him.

Thanks a tonne Sir


Written by Arvind A

March 18, 2010 at 4:57 pm

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