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Dada we would miss you – It hurts

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      Sourav Ganguly Alias DADA Alias Prince Of Calcutta , I too got emotional along with thousands of your fans in India when you bid farewell to the International Arena .  13 years in the limelight is not  easy especially when you represent the country for a game that is a Religion in India . I am wriiting this blog as I felt I owe this to a man who had the fighting spirit , Never Say Die Attitude . Who believed in himself and who did place the team above all.  The most inspring things that I would cherish in your life time as a crickter was your Sensational FairyTale Comeback . You really are a warrior who fought the battle till the last breath . Anyone who is down and hurt can take you as an example to WIN in life . Two in fact , one when you were dropped in Australia after your One Day Debut and then you came back when a awesome 3 tons in the Test cricket.  

   I still haven’t forgotton your Ambition bike ad along with Bajji , Sehwag , Yuvraj , your call “Boys” in the ad and also many times in the field showed the authority a person should have on his team , one should earn that respect and you did ! Or your ad supporting Dravid – Greg’s world cup team when you wern’t even considered for it .  

  Dont you feel bad that you ended your career with a golden duck ! You will forever remain a hero and an inspiration for us DADA .


Written by Arvind A

November 11, 2008 at 5:22 pm

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  1. first of all its good tat the blogger is back ,it was good to read a blog of ganguly showcasing what he is the prince.


    November 12, 2008 at 2:26 am

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